In Standby mode, STBY control line is low, switching off 3V3SW, 5V, 5N (provision), 5VE, 12V and 12VE supply reducing the power consumption. The Analog board supports 2 possible Tuner Frontend unit namely 1101 - PAL BG,DK and I Broadcast System 1100 - NTSC-M Broadcast System It has a RF IN for antenna connection and RF OUT which provides a RF loop through for connection to the TV. The Frontend 1101 ( Tuner & IF-demodulator ) is controlled by I2C (SCL_5V- and SDA_5V-) lines coming from the...


6422 I12 7400 A10 7401-1 A10 7401-2 A10 7402 A11 7403-1 B10 7403-2 B11 7404 C11 7405-1 C10 7405-2 C11 7423 I5 9047 E1 C400 B8 F400 B1 F401 C1 F402 B2 F403 B2 F404 B1 F405 C1 F406 E1 F408 E1 F409 E1 F410 E1 F411 E1 F413 F1 F414 G1 F415 G1 F416 G1 F417 D3 F418 F3 F419 I6 F420 E5 F421 E6 F422 A7 F423 A11 F424 A12 F426 B7 F427 C7 F428 C8 F429 B8 F431 B9 F433 A9 F434 A12

1101 B10 1111 E10

3169 H13 3171-1 G2 3171-2 G2 3171-3 G2 3178-1 I2 3178-2 I2 3178-3 I2 3178-4 I2 3181-1 G4 3181-2 G4 3181-3 H4 3188-1 I4 3188-2 I4 3188-3 I4 3188-4 I4 4102 B4 5121 F9 5131 G8 5141 G9 5151 H10 5162 H12 5171 I10 5181 I11 6101 C3 7101-1 D5 7101-10 I7 7101-2 A5 7101-3 B12 7101-4 A2 7101-5 F7 7101-6 D2 7101-7 A8 7101-8 F3 7101-9 A12 7105 G12 7111-1 E12 7111-2 F13 F101 B6 F102 B6 F103 B6 T101 B1 T102 B1 T103 B1 T104 B1 T105 B1 T106 B1 T111 E11 T112 E11 T113 E11 T121 A11 T122 B11


The sound processing is always done in stereo (that means separate left- and right- channel). The complete selection of audio signal for recording is done by a HEF4052 7301 , which is a dual four-to-one mulitplexer. The input lines for the selector 7301 are coming either from MSP 7500 (AFEL AFER) or cinch rear-in Ext 1 ( AIN1L AIN1R) or cinch rear-in Ext 2 (AIN2L AIN2R) or the cinch front-in (AINFl AINFR). The 7301 controlled via RSA1- and RSA2- signals coming from the MSP 7500 . The MSP acts...


Horizontal sync output or digital composite sync output Programmable general-purpose I O Vertical sync output (for modes with dedicated VSYNC) or VBLK output Programmable general-purpose I O Odd even field indicator output. This terminal needs a pulldown resistor. Programmable general-purpose I O Active video indicator output Programmable general-purpose I O IC7501 - Power Distribution Switches

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Dvdr3365 Philips

Connect the AUDIO L R (red white) jacks at the back of the DVD recorder to the correspond AUDIO input jacks on a TV, stereo system or receiver. Turn on the connected system and select the appropriate channel. NEED HELP Read the accompanying User Manual or visit our website support 4.1 Dismantling and Assembly of the Set For item numbers please see the exploded view in Chapter 9. 4.1.1 Dismantling of the DVD Loader Tray Cover 1) Inserting a minus screw driver and push the lever...


Bus manager contender programming input and link-on output. On hardware reset, this terminal is used to set the default value of the contender status indicated during self-ID. Programming is done by tying the terminal through a 10-k resistor to a high contender or low not contender . The resistor allows the link-on output to override the input. However, it is recommended that this terminal should be programmed low, and that the contender status be set via the C register bit. If the TSB41AB1 is...


Front Board Panel - Display Key This board consists of the following parts Frontend Audio amp Video VFD Heater voltage Generator 8.1.2. Slave mP IC 7105 UPD16316GB The core element of the Front Display Keyboard is the slave jiP. It runs on a 5V supply and is responsible for the following functions Interface with the Domino chip on the Digital Board Evaluation of the keyboard matrix within Front board Decoding the remote control commands from the infra-red receiver Activation and control of...


Analog Board Dvdr 3355

The analogue video input signals CVBS, YC and RGB are routed via the board to connector 1521 and sent to Video Input Processor, TVP5146P 7401 . The digital video input signals from the DV-in on the Front board are routed from connector 1521 via the IEEE 1394 PHY IC 7301 to the Domino chip 7101 . The Video Input Processor encodes the analogue video to digital video stream CCIR656 format . The output stream, named VID_D 9 0 , is then routed to the Domino chip. This IC encodes and decodes the...