TC7WB125FK (TE85R)

IC503,IC506 :

for GH012-32MM & GH012-32MR


for GH012-64MM & GH012-64MR

IC303 239 pin, IC303 220 pin, IC303 232 pin, IC303 227 pin,

C605 164 pin C605 168 pin C605 166 pin DREQ C605 167 pin IC303 237 pin

IC303 221 pin C303 230 pin DREQ C303 225 pin DACK9S IC303 240 pin IC303 222 pin C303 233 pin DREQ4 2 IC303 228 pin DACK4

IC303 243 pin IC303 165 pin IC303 231 pin DREQ8 IC303 226 pin DACK8 IC303 242 pin IC303 241 pin IC303 235 pin IC303 218 pin IC303 236 pin C303 234 pin /IOIS16S

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