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Note on Printed Wiring Boards :

• Through hole is omitted.

Note on Schematic Diagram :

• Use caution when replacing chip parts.

New parts must be attached after removal of chip. Be careful not to heat the minus side of tantalum capacitor, because it is damaged by the heat.

• All capacitors are in |F unless otherwise noted. pF : |i|F 50 WV or less are not indicated except for electrolytics and tantalums.

• All resistors are in I and 1/4 W (Chip resisters : 1/10W) unless otherwise specified.

• Chip resistors are 1/8 W or 1/10 W unless otherwise noted. k Q : 1000 Q , M Q : 1000 k Q .

The components identified by mark A or dotted line with mark A are critical for safety. Replace only with part number specified.

Les composants identifies par une marque A sont critiques pour la securite. Ne les remplacer que par une piece portant le nubero specifie.

Note on DC Power line

Main Signal Line

Playstation Schematic

/DVRST IC501 10 pin

SOL IC501 12 pin SDA IC501 13 pin

/DVRST IC501 10 pin

SOL IC501 12 pin SDA IC501 13 pin

Roland Pin DiagramPlaystation Schematic DiagramScph 1000 Schematic

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