Figure 42. 80 W Power Factor Controller Reduced part count, low-cost solution. Complete semiconductor solution based around highly integrated MC33262. MC33262 Power Factor Controller MUR130 Axial Lead Ultrafast Recovery Rectifier (300 V) Coilcraft N2881-A Primary 62 turns of 22 AWG Secondary 5 turns of 22 AWG Core Coilcraft PT2510 Gap 0.072 total for a primary inductance (Lp) of 320 H Application Compact Power Factor Correction Low-cost system solution for boost mode follower. Meets IEC1000-3-2...


ON Semiconductor's H2BIP process integrates a diode and bipolar transistor for a single package solution. Application AC-DC Battery Charger - Constant Current with Voltage Limit Figure 50. AC-DC Battery Charger - Constant Current with Voltage Limit 9.5 Watt capability for charging portable equipment. Light weight. ON Semiconductor Advantages Off the shelf components SPICE model available for MC33341 Figure 50. AC-DC Battery Charger - Constant Current with Voltage Limit

Orega Transformer G619100 Thomson Tv Components

70 W output power from 95 to 265 Vac. Load regulation 115 Vac 0.8 V. Cross regulation 115 Vac 0.2 V. Frequency 20 kHz fully stable. DIP16 or SO16 packaging options for controller. Meets IEC emi radiation standards. A narrow supply voltage design 80 W is also available. MC44603AP Enhanced Mixed Frequency Mode


Power Supply Battery Charger Regulator Control Circuit Surface Mount Ultrafast Rectifier 600 V Surface Mount Ultrafast Rectifier 200 V Zener Voltage Regulator Diode 5.1 V Zener Voltage Regulator Diode MMSZ18T1 Literature Available from ON Semiconductor These older Application Notes may contain part numbers that are no longer available, but the applications information may still be helpful in designing an SMPS. They are available through the Literature Distribution Center for ON Semiconductor at...

Switchmode Power Supply Reference Manual

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