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Llf lt X7rl 'fii gt SUli R ilCDROM M5L2718K-2ftif - iv. f oT-tf i M5L27128K M5L2718K-2 C gt r fc'ttT o Operational speed of ROM A is somewhat low when compared with that of the CPU IC8 HD63B08 and the ROM sometimes misses access to its memory cells, causing program runaway the phenomenon will be no display or no sound. As a solution CE is advanced by bypassing IC16 to provide the ROM with more accessing time margin. In field service changing to a high speed ROM M5L2712K-2 is recommended for...


The software in PROM A of Ver. 2.1 allows the modules to increase the total volume of the voice outputs. Also the software recognizes MIDI Program Change message after receipt of MIDI Local OFF message. ROMA Ver.2.1 T tltfs , ttc. MIDI P -1 gt JUOFF viz-- gt ' fii -fn V y A x gt v 7 -b - v lt D ff ft sjfil 45.