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After upgrading the Full version firmware, upload the script files. Turn on the camera and press the Up button twice to select the Voice Recording mode. Press the 5 function button as following order Tele button Wide button Down button OK button. 8. The following message will display and the upgrading is complete.


Adj_burnin prog_mode adj_burnin avi_cap_5sec adj_burnin aux_led_on adj_burnin wait_2sec adj_burnin aux_led_off 11 EEPROM READ To read the data of EEPROM, refer to the below codes a Download program and save it to SD memory card. b Insert the SD memory card that has the program file and turn on the camera. c Turn on the camera and the DATA in the EEPROM will be copied in the SD card. The codes from Start ADD. Ato End ADD. will display on the LCD monitor and the rest of codes will not display. d...


Samsung S630 Firmware Update

After upgrading the firmware, the camera is turned off. 8. Turn on the camera and do the 'Reset' menu in the Setup menu. 4 FULL VERSION OF FIRMWARE How to use the FULL firmware1 gt Camera Status When turning on the camera, the power consumption Checking the POWER SUPPLY is 200-300mA and the camera cant be operated. gt Cause The data of 0 address in the FLASH MEMORY of the MAIN PCB is damaged. gt Solution Recover the address by doing the FULL VERSION FIRMWARE shown below. gt Additions After...