Safety Precautions

WARNING The chassis of this projector is isolated (COLD) from AC line by using the converter transformer. Primary side of the converter transformer and lamp power supply unit circuit is connected to the AC line and it is hot, which hot circuit is identified with the line in the schematic diagram. For continued product safety and protection of personnel injury, servicing should be made with qualified personnel. The following precautions must be observed 1. An isolation transformer should be...

Product Safety Notice

Product safety should be considered when a component replacement is made in any area of the projector. Components indicated by a mark ( A ) in the parts list and the schematic diagram designate components in which safety can be of special significance. It is, therefore, particularly recommended that the replacement of these parts must be made by exactly the same parts. SERVICE PERSONNEL - WARNING Eye Damage May Result From Directly Viewing The Light Produced By The Lamp Used In This Equipment....


First make a rough adjustment using a video signal and then fine adjust by using a computer signal. Image Movement According to Adjustment Screw Turning Direction 1. Simultaneously turning the convergence adjustment screw C clockwise and B counterclockwise turns the image clockwise. (Fig. 1) Simultaneously turning adjustment screw C counterclockwise and B clockwise turns the image counterclockwise. (Fig. 2) 2. Simultaneously turning adjustment screws B and C...

Lamp Ballast Board

Remove 3 screws then pull out the cover and remove. 2. Remove 4 screws on the corner of the lamp ballast board 3. Remove the lamp ballast board from the case. Remove 9 screws and pull the chassis upward to remove. Remove 3 screws and disconnect the fan. 12 Remove 4 screws securing the lens and pull it forward to remove. 12 Remove 4 screws securing the lens and pull it forward to remove. 1. Remove 7 screws and disconnect the air duct. 2. Remove 3 screws and disconnect the fan.

Service Manual

Safety Principles And Functions Of The Liquid Crystal Projector 3 10 Lamp Replacement 15 Convergence Adjustments 24 Chassis Electrical Parts List 33 Cabinet amp Optical Parts List 51 IC Internal Block Diagrams 56 IC'Tr Package Outline Drawings 63 Troubleshooting Chart 64 Parts Address List 68 Take Notice Of Schematic Diagrams' 71 Voltage and Waveforms 73 Schematic Diagrams 80 Block Diagrams amp B Distribution Diagrams 100 Component and Testpoint Locations 104