Safety Precautions


The chassis of this projector is isolated (COLD) from AC line by using the converter transformer. Primary side of the converter and lamp power supply unit circuit is connected to the AC line and it is hot, which hot circuit is identified with the line ( HA, ) in the schematic diagram. For continued product safety and protection of personnel injury, servicing should be made with qualified personnel.

The following precautions must be observed.

1: An isolation transformer should be connected in the power line between the projector and the AC line before any service is performed on the projector.

2: Comply with all caution and safety-related notes provided on the cabinet back, cabinet bottom, inside the cabinet or on the chassis.

3: When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are installed properly, such as, control knobs, adjustment covers or shields, barriers, etc.

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