Gantry and tool systems

The electronics of the Gantry consists of two separate but cooperating systems, each with its own PIC16F690. The gantry system moves the x-frame where it needs to go. This includes moving the y-frame. It also raises and lowers the tool. In other words, it switches the motors on or off and sets the direction in which they turn. This system also has pushbuttons and a switch used by the operator, plus a pair of indicator LEDs. It gives the operator control of the robot. It is based on a PIC that we will call PIC1.

The other system, controlled by PIC2, is the tool system. This is where the important decisions are taken. It has sensors that tell it what is happening, and it decides what is to happen next. It has connections to PIC1 and signals it when to run the motors. This is a two-way connection which we will look at in more detail later.

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