The Optical Unit Outline

Layout for proper setup of the optical components and parts (top view) (Schematic diagram)

Projection lens




Light source. DC high-pressure mercury lamp.

UV/IR cut filter (UV GLASS)

Filters out harmful UV and IR rays from the lamp.

Color wheel

Splits light from the light source into R, G, B and W through a color filter.


Assures uniform light ray.

Illumination lens

Focus light from the rod on DMD.


Reflection mirror

Reflects light from the illumination lenses toward DMD.

Condencer Lens

Condenses the light from the reflection mirror to the DMD and the pupil of the


projection lens.


Turns the internal micromirror ON/OFF at the rate of color component of each dot of the input source to reflect light.

Projection lens

Enlarges light from DMD and projects it on a screen.

If shading shown in Figure 1 appears on the screen after replacing DMD, turn the adjustment screw of the optical engine to adjust the lighting area of DMD.

1. Loosen the adjustment lever fixing screw ©. After adjusting the lighting area with the adjustment lever 2, tighten the adjustment lever fixing screw ©.

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