File this Supplement with the service manual. Australian Model Chinese Model Korea Model Tourist Model Japanese Model Suffix No. of the boards are changed. BT-2, CA-66, DD-150 and HI-74 boards have been changed from -11 I to -12 , and changed from PS-440 board has been changed from -111 to -12 Discrimination of suffix No. -12 or I-13


CA-66 (CAMERA PROCESSOR, LENS DRIVE) PRINTED WIRING BOARD (SUFFIX-13) - Ref. No. CA-66 board 10,000 series - CA-66 board is four-layer print board. However, the patterns of layers 2 to 3 have not been included in the diagram. There are a few cases that the part isn't mounted in this model is printed on this diagram. See page 52 for printed parts location.

Table Of Contents

Lens Motor Drive Block 3-7 3-6. Video audio USB Block 3-11 3-7. LCD Block 4. PRINTED WIRING BOARDS AND SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS CA-66 (LENS DRIVE) Schematic Diagram 4-13 MT-60 Printed Wiring MT-60 (CONNECTION 1) Schematic Diagram 4-19 MT-60 (CONNECTION 2) Schematic Diagram 4-21 MT-60 (CONNECTION 3) Schematic Diagram 4-24 MT-60 (CONNECTION 4) Schematic Diagram 4-25 PS-440 Printed Wiring PS-440 (SH DSP) Schematic PS-440 (MEMORY (SH DSP)) Schematic Diagram 4-33...

4 Printed Wiring Boards And Schematic Diagrams

CA-66 Printed Wiring Board CA-66 Printed Wiring Board CA-66 (LENS DRIVE) Schematic Diagram 9 PS-440 (SH DSP) Schematic Diagram 15 PS-440 (MEMORY (SH DSP)) Schematic Diagram 17 PS-440 (CAMERA DSP) Schematic Diagram 19 Schematic HI-74 Printed Wiring Board HI-74 Printed Wiring Board HI-74 (VIDEO,EVR) Schematic Diagram 31 HI-74 (USB l F) Schematic HI-74 (HI CONTROL) Schematic Diagram 35 HI-74 (AUDIO) Schematic BT-2 Printed Wiring Board BT-2 Printed Wiring Board DD-150 Printed Wiring Board...