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schematic diagrams

• For ADJUSTMENTS (SECTION 6), refer to SERVICE MANUAL, ADJ (987628053.pdf).

• For INSTRUCTION MANUAL, refer to SERVICE MANUAL, LEVEL 1 (987628043.pdf).

• Reference No. search on printed wiring boards is available.

On the LD-140, MS-148 and SY-95 boards

This service manual provides the information that is premised the circuit board replacement service and not intended repair inside the LD-140, MS-148 and SY-95 boards.

Therefore, schematic diagram, printed wiring board, waveforms, mounted parts location and electrical parts list of the LD-140, MS-148 and SY-95 boards are not shown. The following pages are not shown.

Schematic diagram Pages 4-15 to 4-36 Mounted parts location Pages 4-54 to 4-55

Printed wiring board Pages 4-45 to 4-52 Electrical parts list Pages 5-7 to 5-11



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