Les composants identifiés par la marque A sont critiques pour la sécurité.

Ne les remplacer que par une pièce portant le numéro spécifié.

2. Standardization of Parts

Some repair parts supplied by Sony differ from those used for the unit. These are because of parts commonality and improvement.

Parts List has the present standardized repair parts.

3. Stock of Parts

Parts marked with "o" at SP (Supply Code) column of the Spare Parts list may not be stocked. Therefore, the delivery date will be delayed.

Items with no part number and no description are not stocked because they are seldom required for routine service.

4. Units for Capacitors, Inductors and Resistors

The following units are assumed in Schematic Diagrams, Electrical Parts List and Exploded Views unless otherwise specified. Capacitors : |F Inductors : |H Resistors : Q

Top Cover


Part No. SP


0 0

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