Active memory copy

Memory structure consists of the followings.

1 Set memory

2 Status memory

3 Picture memory

4 Chroma memory

5 W/B memory

6 Channel memory

7 Image Flip memory

* The gamma memory is realized by giving offset to Contrast and Brightness output values to the devices in the gamma mode function.

Flow of data is described briefly. When the power plug is connected to the wall outlet for the first time (Standby state), all data that are stored in the internal ROM are written in the NVM(non-volatile memory). When the POWER is turned ON, all the status memory data and other memory data that are required for the present picture are selected from each memory block and expanded in the internal RAM. When any adjustment is performed at this moment, the adjustment data(user mode items) are written in the NVM(Service/Special Service item) automatically triggered by the memory operation. The adjustment items(W/B, Device Adjust) that can be adjusted in the Service Mode or in the Special Service Mode, are memorized in the NVM at the time when the user performs adjustment and performs the memory operation. Note that the factory adjustment data will be lost at this moment.

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