To avoid electric shock, disconnect the instrument from the ac-power-input source before remvoing or replacing any component or assembly.

To remove the instrument cabinet, perform the following steps:

1. Disconnect the instrument from its ac-power-input source.

2. On instruments with detachable power cords, disconnect the power cord from the instrument.

3. Remove the screw from the right rear side of the cabinet and two screws from the rear panel. Then remove the rear panel and, if applicable, feed the nondetachable power cord through the rear panel as the panel is removed.

4. Pull the front panel and attached chassis forward and out of the cabinet.

To reinstall the cabinet, perform the following steps:

5. Slide the chassis frame into the cabinet from the front until the cabinet is fully into the front-panel groove and the rear of the cabinet is flush with the rear of the chassis.

6. Feed the attached power cord (if applicable) through the hole in the rear panel. Align the rear-panel and side mounting holes with the screw holes in the chassis frame and reinstall the three screws removed in step 3.


To ensure that the cabinet is grounded to the instrument chassis, the screw at the right rear side of the cabinet should be tightly secured.

7. Reconnect the power cord (if disconnected in step 2).

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