Channel 1 Vertical Preamplifier

The Channel 1 Vertical Preamplifier produces differential output signals to drive the Vertical Output Amplifier and internal trigger signals to drive the Trigger circuitry.

Differential signal current from the Attenuator circuitry is applied to common-base transistors Q157 and 0167 through cable-terminating resistors R151 and R161 respectively. The collector currents of 0157 and 0167 will flow through R158 and R168 to produce level-shifted signals which drive U170D and U170E. Balance potentiometer R154 is adjusted to balance the dc level of the Channel 1 output with the Channel 2 output by setting the bias levels of 0157 and Q167. Channel 1 frequency response is matched to Channel 2 response by adjusting C167.

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