Front Panel Circuit Board

To remove the Front-Panel circuit board, perform the following steps:

1. Remove the crt (see the "Cathode-Ray Tube" removal procedure).

2. Remove the Attenuator/Sweep circuit board (see the "Attenuator/Sweep Circuit Board" removal procedure).

3. Remove the knobs from the following control shafts by pulling them straight out from the front panel: Channel 1 and Channel 2 POSITION, Horizontal POSITION, AUTO FOCUS, AUTO INTENSITY, TRIGGER VAR HOLDOFF, and TRIGGER LEVEL.

27. Reinstall the High-Voltage shield (see the "HighVoltage Shield" reinstallation procedure).

28. Reconnect the MULTIPLIER potentiometer connector (P7055) to the Main circuit board (located in front of the High-Voltage shield).

29. Reinstall the Attenuator/Sweep circuit board (see the "Attenuator/Sweep Circuit Board" reinstallation procedure).


The instrument has either the Current Limit board (A 19) or the Preregulator board (A 18) installed. Use the appropriate board-removal procedure for your particular instrument.

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