Inspection And Cleaning

The instrument should be visually inspected and cleaned as often as operating conditions require. Accumulation of dirt in the instrument can cause overheating and component breakdown. Dirt on components acts as an insulating blanket, preventing efficient heat dissipation. It also provides an electrical conduction path that could result in instrument failure, especially under high-humidity conditions.

Avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents which might damage the plastics used in this instrument. Use a nonresidue-type cleaner, preferably isopropyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, or a solution of 1% mild detergent with 99% water. Before using any other type of cleaner, consult your Tektronix Service Center or representative.

9. Use a soldering iron that is connected to earth ground.

10. Use only approved antistatic, vacuum-type desolder-ing tools for component removal.

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