Obtaining Replacement Parts

Most electrical and mechanical parts can be obtained through your local Tektronix Field Office or representative. However, many of the standard electronic components can usually be obtained from a local commercial source. Before purchasing or ordering a part from a source other than Tektronix, Inc., please check the "Replaceable Electrical Parts" list (Section 8) for the proper value, rating, tolerance, and description.


Physical size and shape of a component may affect instrument performance, particularly at high frequencies. Always use direct-replacement components, unless it is known that a substitute will not degrade instrument performance.

Special Parts

In addition to the standard electronic components, some special parts are used in this instrument. These parts are manufactured or selected by Tektronix, Inc. to meet specific performance requirements, or are manufactured for Tektronix, Inc. in accordance with our specifications. The various manufacturers can be identified by referring to the "Cross Index—Mfr Code Number to Manufacturer" at the beginning of the "Replaceable Electrical Parts" list. Most of the mechanical parts used in this instrument were manufactured by Tektronix, Inc. Order all special parts directly from your local Tektronix Field Office or representative.

Ordering Parts

When ordering replacement parts from Tektronix, Inc., be sure to include all of the following information:

1. Instrument type (include modification or option numbers).

2. Instrument serial number.

3. A description of the part (if electrical, include its component number).

4. Tektronix part number.

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