Power Display And Probe Adjust

Refer to Figure 2-3 for location of items 1 through 7.

© Internal Graticule—Eliminates parallax viewing error between the trace and graticule lines. Rise-time amplitude and measurement points are indicated at the left edge of the graticule.

(T^) POWER Switch—Turns instrument power on and off. Press in for ON; press again for OFF.

(jT) AUTO FOCUS Control-Adjusts display for optimum definition. Once set, the focus of the crt display will be maintained as changes occur in the intensity level of the trace.

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Figure 2-3. Power, display, and probe adjust controls, connector, and indicator.

PROBE ADJUST Connector—Provides an approximately 0.5 V, negative-going, square-wave voltage (at approximately 1 kHz) that permits the operator to compensate voltage probes and to check operation of the oscilloscope vertical system. It is not intended to verify the accuracy of the vertical gain or time-base calibration.

BEAM FIND Switch—When held in, compresses the display to within the graticule area and provides a visible viewing intensity to aid in locating off-screen displays.

TRACE ROTATION Control-Screwdriver control used to align the crt trace with the horizontal graticule lines.

AUTO INTENSITY Control-Adjusts brightness of the crt display. This control has no effect when the BEAM FIND switch is pressed in. Once the control is set, intensity is automatically maintained at approximately the same level between SEC/DIV switch settings from 0.5 ms per division to 0.05 /lis per division.

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