Power Supply

The Power Supply circuitry converts the ac-source voltage into the various voltages needed for instrument operation. It consists of the Power Input, Preregulator, and Inverter circuits (which drive the primary of the power transformer) and other Secondary circuits (which produce the necessary supply voltages for the instrument).

This instrument has either the Current Limit board (A19) or the Preregulator board (A18) installed as part of the power supply. Refer to the appropriate circuit description for your particular instrument configuration.


Instruments with a SN B020100 or above contain the Preregulator board. Some instruments below this serial number were built containing the Preregulator board. To determine if yours is one of these, look to see if there is an Option 48 sticker attached to the rear of the instrument. If there is not an Option 48 sticker attached and the serial number is below B020100, your instrument contains the Current Limit board.

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