Repackaging For Shipment

If the instrument is to be shipped to a Tektronix Service Center for service or repair, attach a tag showing: owner (with address) and the name of an individual at your firm that can be contacted. Include complete instrument serial number and a description of the service required. Listings of Tektronix Sales and Service offices, both domestic and international, are located at the back of the manual following the tabbed "Accessories" page.

Save and reuse the package in which your instrument was shipped. If the original packaging is unfit for use or not available, repackage the instrument as follows:

Surround the instrument with polyethylene sheeting to protect its finish. Obtain a carton of corrugated cardboard having a carton test strength of 275 pounds and having inside dimensions of no less than six inches more than the instrument dimensions. Cushion the instrument by tightly packing three inches of dunnage or urethane foam between carton and instrument, on all sides. Seal carton with shipping tape or industrial stapler.

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