Signal Display

1. Obtain a baseline trace.

2. Apply a signal to either vertical-channel input connector and set the VERTICAL MODE switch to display the channel used. To display two time-related input signals use both vertical-channel input connectors and select BOTH VERTICAL MODE; then select either ALT or CHOP, depending on the frequency of input signals.

3. Adjust the AUTO INTENSITY control for desired display brightness. If the display is not visible with the AUTO INTENSITY control at midrange, press the BEAM FIND push button and hold it in while adjusting the appropriate VOLTS/DIV switch(es) to reduce the vertical display size. Center the compressed display within the graticule area using the Vertical and Horizontal POSITION controls, then release the BEAM FIND push button.

4. Adjust the TRIGGER LEVEL control, if necessary, to obtain a stable display.

5. Set the appropriate VOLTS/DIV switch (es) and readjust the Vertical and Horizontal POSITION controls to center the display within the graticule area.

6. Set the SEC/DIV switch for the desired number of cycles of the displayed signal. Then adjust the AUTO FOCUS control for the best-defined display.

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