Sweep Generator And Logic

The Sweep Generator and Logic circuitry, shown on Diagram 5, produces a sawtooth voltage that is amplified by the Horizontal Amplifier to provide horizontal deflection on the crt. This sawtooth voltage (sweep) is produced on command from the Sweep Logic circuits. The Sweep Generator circuits also produce gate waveforms that are used by the Auto Intensity and Z-Axis circuits to establish the correct timing of the crt unblanking and intensity levels used for viewing the display. See Figure 3-5 for the Sweep timing diagram.

The Sweep Logic circuitry controls the holdoff time, starts the sweep upon reception of a trigger signal, and terminates the sweep at the proper sweep level. When using AUTO or TV FIELD triggering, the Sweep Logic circuitry will cause the Sweep Generator to free run, producing a baseline trace if a trigger signal is not received within the predetermined time period.

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