Test Equipment Required

The test equipment listed in Table 4-1 is a complete list of the equipment required to accomplish both tne "Performance Check Procedure" in this section and the "Adjustment Procedure" in Section 5. Test equipment specifications described in Table 4-1 are the minimum necessary to provide accurate results. Therefore, equipment used must meet or exceed the listed specifications. Detailed operating instructions for test equipment are not given in this procedure. If more operating information is required, refer to the appropriate test-equipment instruction manual.

When equipment other than that recommended is used, control settings of the test setup may need to be altered. If the exact item of equipment given as an example in Table 4-1 is not available, first check the "Purpose" column to verify use of this item. If it is used for a check that is of little or no importance to your measurement requirements, the item and corresponding steps may be deleted. If the check is important, use the "Minimum Specification" column carefully to determine if any other available test equipment might suffice.

Special fixtures are used only where they simplify the test setup and procedure. These fixtures are available from Tektronix, Inc. and can be ordered by part number through your local Tektronix Field Office or representative.

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