Vertical Attenuators

Both the Channel 1 and Channel 2 Attenuator circuits, shown in Diagram 1, are identical in operation. In the following discussion, only the Channel 1 Attenuator circuit is described. The matching components in the Channel 2 Attenuator circuit perform the same function.

The Attenuator circuit (see Figure 3-2) provides control of input coupling, vertical deflection factor, and variable volts-per-division balance. Input signals for crt vertical deflection may be connected to either or both the CH 1 OR X and the CH 2 OR Y input connectors. In the X-Y Mode of operation, the signal applied to the CH 1 OR X connector provides horizontal (X-Axis) deflection for the display, and the signal applied to the CH 2 OR Y connector provides the vertical (Y-Axis) deflection for the display.

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