A Gate And B Gate Emitter Followers

Q1314 and Q1334 are emitter followers providing the +A GATE and +B GATE output signals available at the instrument rear panel. The output signals are positive-going rectangular waveforms, approximately 5.5 volts in amplitude. The amplitude is set in the collectors of 01304 and Q1324. For example, when 01304 is conducting the base of 01314 can go no more negative than approximately -0.7 volt (limited by CR1304), When Q1304 is not conducting, the base of Q1314 rises to the decoupled +5 volts power supply level through R1304. CR1315, CR1316,

CR1335, arid CR1336 provide protection against accidental application of damaging voltage levels to the +A GATE and +B GATE output connectors.

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