Sweep Latch

0822 and Q828 compose the B Sweep Latch. Quiescently, (before either the A or B Sweeps have reached their maximum amplitudes) both transistors are off. Then, the sweep reset pulse from whichever sweep terminates first will be applied to the base of Q828 (A Sweep reset through CR826; B Sweep reset through CR825).The positive-going reset pulse turns on Q828 and the negative-going movement at its collector turns on Q822. The collector of Q822 in turn pulls up on the base of Q828, holding Q828 on, which causes the circuit to stay in its on or latched state. The HI at the collector of Q822 is applied to the base of the B Sweep Holdoff Amplifier (through CR809) to disable the B Trigger Tunnel Diodes. In the B ENDS A position of the A TRIG HOLDOFF control the HI is also applied to the holdoff start input terminal of the Sweep Control IC through C286. Thus, when B Sweep ends A Sweep ends also.

The B Latch Multivibrator is reset to its quiescent state by the LO Holdoff level Present at pin 10 of the Sweep Control IC during A Sweep holdoff.

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