Cathode Ray Tube CRT and Display

BEAM FIND Compresses the display to within the graticule area, independently of display position or applied signals.

INTENSITY Controls brightness of the display.

FOCUS Provides adjustment for optimum display definition.

SCALE ILLUM Controls graticule brightness.




Input Coupling (AC-GND-DC)

Controls the vertical position of the trace. In the X-Y mode of operation, the CH 2 control positions on the Y-axis (vertically) and the Horizontal POSITION control positions on the X-axis (horizontally).

Input connector for Channel 1 deflection signals or X-axis deflection in the X-Y mode of operation.

Input connector for Channel 2 deflection signals or Y-axis deflection in the X-Y mode of operation.

Screwdriver adjustment to set the gain of the Vertical Preamp.

Selects vertical deflection factor in a 1-2-5 sequence (VAR control must be in the calibrated detent for the indicated deflection factor).

Provides continuously variable un-calibrated deflection factors between the calibrated settings of the VOLTS/DIV switch.

Light indicates that the VAR control is not in the calibrated position.

Selects the method of coupling signal to the input of the Vertical Amplifier.

AC: Signal is capacitively coupled to the Vertical Amplifier. DC component of signal is blocked. Low-frequency limit (lower —3 dB point) is about 10 hertz.

GND: Input signal is removed and the input circuit is grounded. Does not ground the input signal.

B Triggering

Channel 1


Channel 2







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A Triggering

A. Front panel.

B. Rear panel.

Fig. 2-2. Front- and rear-panel controls and connectors.

DC: All components of the input signal are passed to the Vertical Amplifier.

20 MHz BW/TRIG Dual-purpose switch that, when

VIEW pulled out, limits the bandwidth of the complete Vertical Deflection System to approximately 20 MHz, SOURCE or when pressed causes signal present in A Trigger Generator circuit to be displayed on the CRT.

INVERT Pushbutton switch that inverts the

Channel 2 display.

VERT MODE Selects the vertical mode of opera tion.

CH 1: Displays Channel 1 only.

ALT: Dual-trace display of signals on both channels. Display is switched between channels at the end of each sweep.

ADD: Signals applied to the CH 1 OR X and CH 2 OR Y connectors are algebraically added and the sum is displayed on the CRT. The INVERT switch in Channel 2 allows the display to be CH 1 + CH 2 or CH 1 - CH 2.

CHOP: Dual-trace display of signals on both channels. Display is switched between channels at an approximate repetition rate of 250 kHz.

CH 2 OR X-Y: Displays Channel 2 only. Must be pushed when operating in X-Y mode.

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