The fan motor used in the 465 is a brushless DC fan motor using Hall Effect devices. The fan motor circuitry varies the rotational speed of the fan with variations in operating temperature. When the ambient temperature increases, the value of thermistor RT1696 reduces. This biases Q1698 on harder to condi ct more current through the Hall devices. Higher currents through the Hall devices causes the potential difference across them (for instance, between pins 6 and 8 of the fan) to increase. This potential difference biases one of a pair of transistors on and the other off. For instance, if pin 8 is more positive than pin 6 of the fan, Q1690A will be on and Q1690D will be off. The higher the potential difference between pin 8 and pin 6 the harder the on transistor will be conducting. The harder the transistor is conducting, the faster the fan rotates.

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