Power Input

Power is applied to the primary of transformer T1501 through Line Fuse F1501, POWER switch S1501, Thermal Cutout S1502, Line Voltage Selector switch S1503, and the Regulating Range Selector Assembly. Line Voltage Selector switch S1503 connects the split primaries of T1501 in parallel for 115-volt nominal operation, or in series for 230-volt nominal operation. Line Fuse F1501 should be changed to the correct value to provide the correct protection for each nominal line voltage (current rating of fuse for 230-volt operation is one-half the current rating of fuse for 115-volts).

The vacant windings between pins 10, 11, and 12 of T1501 are intended for use with the optional Inverter Circuit Board (Option 7). This allows the instrument to be operated from an external DC power source or an 1106 Power Supply.

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