XY Display

1. Preset the instrument controls and turn the instrument power on. Allow several minutes for instrument warm-up.

2. Set the TIME/DIV switch to X-Y and the VERT MODE to CH 2. Apply the vertical signal to the CH 2 or Y input connector and the horizontal signal to the CH 1 or X input connector. The CH 2 POSITION control will provide vertical positioning and the Horizontal POSITION control will provide horizontal positioning.

3. Advance the INTENSITY control until the display is visible. If the display is not visible with the INTENSITY control at midrange, press the BEAM FIND pushbutton and adjust the CH 1 and CH 2 VOLTS/DIV switches until the display is reduced in size both vertically and horizontally. Then, center the compressed display with the vertical POSITION controls, and release the BEAM FIND pushbutton. Adjust the FOCUS control for a well-defined display.

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